The First Coast offers many different types of diving
experiences - open ocean, clear springs, lakes, and rivers.  
Dive on in!

UnderwaterFlorida, a very comprehensive site of springs
in Florida

Ginnie Springs
High Springs, FL

The State's new site on
Florida Springs

If you're a cave diver, check out , an
informative forum.

In the Keys....

Pennecamp State Park
State website
Pennecamp Dive Page
Marine Forecast
Florida Fishing
Rules and Regs
Purchase license online
Boating Safety
Check out Spearboard - a forum for spearfishing
enthusiasts.  Read reports submitted by area
divers to get insights on where to dive, what
kinds of fish are being spotted, upcoming
tournaments, or even be invited to fill a spot on a
dive trip.
Visit this interesting site for dive info on nine
underwater wrecks.

Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserves
NOAA Marine Conditions
and Tide Maps